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'Family' Ties






Sire and lord of darkness, and of the heart of all that fear him. He is my maker. My dark angel. And without him I'm nothing, fuirtless and without cause. I am his and his alone, my pleas are meaningless. My words hold no power over his own. He owns me and I kneel before my King my Master as if my whole life depended on it. A proud warrior he has become, I feel honored to carry his blood within my veins. In all that is evil and pure in chaos I hold myself by his side waiting for the next taste of his flesh, and the next redding mark by a gentle' hand of torment.

Luna Nitemare (ShadowWalker)

She devil? Perhaps, but she is a sister nonetheless and all the more so since she has taken on her birth right once again. The shadows sing and praise her for taking on such a task as this. Yes she was born into this. But taking on such at such a young age has proved to all that she is a fine warrior such as 'He' is. I take great care in seeing she is well taken care of to mess with her is to mess with me and all that is chaotic.

Eric R Nitemare

My pride and joy, my air that i 'breathe'. He is a fine addition to the Shivakado. And will prove to be powerful in the end. For now his story is just beinging and being written. Perhaps he will make different choices in life. Perhaps he will become more sinister than Ashiva himself. Or perhaps not, no one can tell this babes future but himself.

Past Nightmares


In times of plenty and things seem grand. I take you before she was even 'vampire' before she was even corrupted to what you see before you. Such a transition is not easy to look away from. A beauty in her prime. She was nothing but a mere mortal. It seems year's 82 years to be correct. No she isn't 1,000 years old god. But she does look good for her age, since she was 'sired' when she was about 19. It was due to a man named 'BloodMoon' this was the first time she was introduced to such a world. Of course they married had kids etc. To make this long story short he left her with her doubts and misconceptions. Which made her look for something worth wild. Soon she came upon other's that felt her pain, but unfortunately turned their backs on her many times.


~And things took Root~

This brings us to the foundation of our little past quest. She had finally meet Cat,Ash,Veg,Minya etc. Taking her in as one of the family as one of there own, yet still feeling like an outcast, because they 'we're' family. Since her's had died not so long ago. She was 20 at the time when they died, a year after she was sired by the infamous 'BloodMoon'. As tale has it she wished to be rid of blood that had long gone sour in her heart yet she still 'loved' the man. And it was offered to her to become 'Shivakado' though it wasn't as deadly a race as it is now. It was just in it's first stages. Cat gleefully sired her and brought her into yet another world of 'family' even gave her the name rodello of course with the proper asking. She then got to know this Ashiva even more and I dare say the man wasn't as evil as he is now. As years past she still felt totally and utterly alone even more so then before, she married again to Veg, who felt it was nesscery to cheat on her...perhaps more than she would ever like to admit. Soon she found she needed to be cleansed and taint free perhaps she could start over. But before that ever happened.. a slight 'change happened.

~Old Chaos~

~Is there an ending?~

She went threw what some vampires have gone threw, a sleep as some call it. It came on her like a mat truck hitting her senses. She had fallen into this 'sleep' for what seemed like forever. In the catacombs 'alone' and shut away from the world. Within that coffin. Yet she was visited. She knew who did, Ashiva was one of them and then Cat, but others she couldn't recall at all. She didn't see them but sensed them. It was a stage she would rather live without telling. She keeps hidden the nightmares and the torment of being there for such a long period of time. But when she did rise from that 'grave' she was a 'new' woman in some sense. Still tainted still 'alone' still an 'outcast'. Pale blue eyes became her 'trademark' and coldness had crept within her soul which she surpressed once she got that soultransfer. She did however live as a mortal for only a few short years, then became a vampire once again. But not of Shivakado blood noo that would of been bad in her eyes. If she were to ever venture that way again it would be certain doom and she knew the coldness that was still within her soul would just eat her alive. She left Rhydin and hence became mortal again abandoning her 'new' love Sethe and everyone else that 'cared' for her. She had had enough of the betrayal, the foundation and the Chaos in her life. It was time for...Peace.

~New Chaotic Soul~

~True Awakening~

It wasn't long however perhaps years, before 'He' found her. She was on her porch at the cabin she was staying at. And felt something deep within her, that same feeling she got when she was nervous or even scared for her life. Yet it relaxed her which in this case seemed odd. He then did show himself and snarled at her for being 'displeasing' and betraying the 'race'. But yet he was forgiving and seemed to 'want' her more than other's had. She knew what was to happen and when this thought hit her all went a blur, clothing torn neck bruised with lush bite marks. And his blood coursing through her veins once again. 'Power!' she thought to herself what had she been thinking when she 'left' such a race. It was then she was reborn into the race she once left the Shivakado. Such a race is not to be reckoned with. He sired her while in the final transformation which she took on as her own. Yet she still learns more everyday. But there was that ever 'burning' coldness that grew and grew. She felt the Chaos brewing and just took ahold of it like a babe to a child. He was Master now, by way of fault and error, who said playing with things was a 'bad' thing.

Which brings us to now, she is 'alive' and kicking. Loving her ways and everything around her. But never uttering the word 'love' for it is a fool hardy emotion. One who ever feels such a thing will get burned in the end is her quote. Yet there are times where she 'thinks' she feels it there is always 'hope' and a glimmer of it still there. But would you love after getting burned so many times that even her will not mention. Even her 'serect' love she killed but dust to dust. This is a new world and she intends to destroy it.