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BlackSun Rodello Nitemare

~Touch Me...
Submit to Ultimate Pleasure.~


Standing at a height of 5'3'' and slender in form curving in all the right places. Her skin seemingly licked by the sun's rays giving it a warm golden hue.Long flowing black waves of hair flow downward right past her arse. Her eyes are a pale hue of blue but change when the mood is right. High cheek bones and cute nose as well as a strong 'jaw' finish her features. Round perky ample breasts are hardly ever hidden from the eyes view, and pert nipples are pierced with golden rings.
Her stomach is toned and smooth. Her ass curves and is rounded perfectly.Her sex is always clean shaven for her benifit among other things.
She wears whatever suits her needs, It could be from a formal dress to totally nothing at all. She is most comfortable with an almost transparent black silk dress which does not hide any of her body.