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The Redeemed

Please make sure you read the Rules & Regulations before filling out an application. Answer truthfully and you will have a much better chance of a reply.



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This section of the join form is basically to discourage newbies. Sorry n00bs but we can't recruit you. Please answer to the best of your abilities.

Question one: How many Acts are there in Diablo II Classic?

Question two: What is the name of act2 town?

Question three: What is the name of the monster you must defeat in order to complete Act2?

Question four: Who is "Ancient Kaa The Souless"?

Question five: In what area would you find the monster "Lord De Seis"?

Question six: How much percent faster cast rate does the unique blade "Spectral Shard" give?

Question seven: What does the Sorceress skill "Fire Mastery" do?

Question eight: What character can use the skill "Battle Orders"?

Question nine: What is the maximum level you can make a skill without +skill items?

Question ten: What level must you be to be able to use any skill in your character's skill tree?

Question eleven: What is the name of the man that takes you from Act1 to Act2 in his caravan?

Question twelve: What equipment does a Barbarian start with?

Question thirteen: What is the maximum number of people that can enter a game of Diablo II?

Question fourteen: How much Mana does a Barbarian get for one stat point in Energy?

Question fiveteen: What purpose does "Wirt's Leg" serve?

Question sixteen: How many false Tombs of Tal Rasha are there?

Question seventeen: What does SOJ stand for?

Question eighteen: What are the basic stats of a SOJ?

Question nineteen: Who was GERBarb?

Question twenty: Approximatly, how many experience points would a level 98 receive for killing Diablo on Hell difficulty while under the effect of an experience shrine in a full game?