Tag Line: A Return to the Most Dangerous House in the World.

The Amityville Curse (part 5)The infamous "Amityville" house isn't the ONLY creepy household in Amityville Long Island, as we see when homebuyers Marvin (David Stein) and Debbie (Dawna Wightman) move into an old property in the same neighbourhood.

As they begin to settle in and renovate the property with the help of their 3 friends Frank (Kim Coates), Bill (Anthony Rubes) and Abigail (Casandra Gava) they soon realise things are not as they seem (well they wouldn't be would they?).

The problems first start with strange noises from the basement (how original), then the former housekeeper Mrs Moriarty (Helen Hughes) turns up murdered by an unseen assailant, the ghostly apparition of a boy hanging from the garden tree keeps appearing and Debbie keeps experiencing strange nightmarish visions about something sinister lurking under the house.

It turns out that the property used to be the old rectory for the nearby church, where a priest was murdered some 12 years earlier. But what has this to do with Debbie's nightmares or the ghostly apparitions? Is the house really cursed, and can Debbie put an end to it? Well you'll just have to find out for yourselves!

This is definitely one of the weakest of the series (not that any of them are particularly good that is), which in my view was very reminiscent "The Changeling" (I also noticed one or two similarities with "Demons 3 : The Ogre") and to be honest this could have been made as a standalone horror film, as it really seems to owe nothing to any of the previous films, except for the fact it's set in the New York state's Amityville, Long Island (it's not even the same house). This is the sort of movie you'd only watch if it happened to be on TV late at night and there was nothing else on. Definitely one for completists only.

Overall Marks : 3/10.

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  • Alternate tag lines "It began with a murder and a hanging. Now, the innocent must pay for the sins of the guilty", "It began as a best selling book, then exploded into movie history by shocking audiences around the world. Now, one of the greatest horror sagas of all time returns..."

  • Ted Bohus, who plays the "ghoul" in Debbie's nightmare, also produced and starred in the cult 80's B-movie "The Deadly Spawn".

  • Kim Coates, who plays Frank, went on to appear in the films "Battlefield Earth", "Pearl Harbour" and "Black Hawk Down".

  • Director Tom Berry went on to produce the Peter Weller Sci-Fi film "Screamers".

  • The music was scored by composer Milan Kymlicka, who also provided the music for the 1999 film "Requiem for Murder".

  • The film was LOOSELY based around Hans Holtzer's book "The Amityville Murders", which also provided inspiration for the second film "Amityville 2 : The Possesion".

  • Special effectes co-ordinator Ryal Cosgrove went on to work on "Scanners 2 : The New Order", "Screamers", "Requiem for Murder" and "Fear Dot Com".

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