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Sitting in the dark, cold night.
Who really cares?
Staring off into the shadows of night,
questioning if anyone really cares anymore.
Maybe they do, but who would know.
The world seems so dark and cold, just like tonight.
Humanity is such a carnal thing, and it seems to consume all around.
Eating up everything that surrounds it.
Taking everything and giving nothing in return.
When will it all end?
Maybe never, but that's a question that I'll never know the answer to.
I don't know what's real anymore.
If life was to be so simple, then why am I stuck in this living hell?
Hell come to life and consuming me like there's no end in sight.
Is that all life really is?
Maybe so.
If only I knew.
Help me find an answer.
An answer to these questions that frequent me so.
Repeating over and over in my head.
Tell me if there's any way to escape the never-ending questions in my head.
Let me know!
Is there really an answer to all this insanity?