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The gloom remains of day are all that is left before the shadows of night do fall upon this place.
As the darkness spreads across the fields, choking out any signs of life,
I feel an awesome feeling of awakening into the world as a new person.
The only sight I do see is the inconstant moon, staring back at me.
I awake into another night, relentless to stay away from the light of day,
only to find myself drawn to another light.
The light of the city does beckon me to come.
Come and join another night of festive delight as all near do enjoy.
Finding another to love me is all that I do want.
I am in search of love, someone to love me as I am.
Not for what I do possess, but for who I am.
Not for the things I do, but for my acts of love.
This is all I want from life. So why can't I receive the simple joys of love?