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My Insanity

The beauty of the lovely rose in my eye does wilt like my mind in the moments to come.
For I go to far in my thoughts and drive my mind to insanity.
Insanity may hold me here, but it will soon let me free.
Free to go where my heart drives me.
It drives me onward to my love in which I hold very dearly.
I hold her dearly in my heart.
I love her more than life its' self.
More that sanity which I no longer hold.
And more so than anything I can imagine.
Maybe I go to far, but not in my own mind.
My mind only acts on what my heart says.
And my heart says go to her, hold her closely and let her know you care.
The insanity in my mind comes from my heart, but my heart knows no reality, only madness.
Madness and craziness are what is left in my head, but in my heart there is love.
Love which knows no bounds but the end of the world.
The end of this world will come, but my love and insanity will still be here long after it comes.
Longer than can be known to anyone but you.
For only you know how I feel.
And you shall be here in my loving heart forever.
To never be forgotten in my no longer sane mind.
And I could want nothing more, but to be with you forever and ever.