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There's a moment that we all come to, when we reach out for the stars.
There's a moment that we all come to in our own time, and then there's nothings left.
Reaching out against the wind, reaching out till we can almost touch the stars.
Reaching out till the wind blows us away, raining down on us from above.

There's a time that comes in our lives when we look back on what we've done.
There's a time when we realize that we could have changed things.
Holding on to the memories of the past, grasping for a glimmer of hope.
Holding on to the way it all would go in our minds, missing the reality.

Grasping for what we need, we all need something.
Grasping out for one another, needing the touch of someone who loves you.
Hoping for a ray of light from above, looking into the void of heaven.
Hoping for another to love you, looking for what can fill your void.

Trying to fulfill your dreams, moving on in your life.
Trying to make due, surcoming to the way life carries you.
Wandering about like a puppet, doing what your told.
Wandering about in your head, hoping for things to change.

Dealing with what comes your way, beating down all your troubles.
Dealing with the day to day pains, getting over your broken heart.
Holding your heart in your hands, trying to mend it back into one piece.
Holding your head up high, knowing that tomorrow is just one sunrise away.