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Beyond the Eyes

For true love is hard to find.
It is unlike the lust that is so often mistaken for love,
and can not be easily compared.
For I look inside and try to find the inner beauty
instead of what lies in the eyes,
but so many of those around me
do not look beyond the lustful outer sins which spawn from the loins.
Coming from the loins instead of the heart
causes more hurt and sorrow than can be known.
And I do not take love lightly,
but so many times I see others that do not take it seriously.
Maybe someday they will learn
the true value of the love in which I found in you.
Perhaps they will learn to look closer,
deeper inside,
at the true inner person that lies just beyond the eyes.
And then they will find
the beauty in which I have found in you.
Then the world will be full of joy and true happiness.