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THE BEST PRETENDER SITES ON THE WEB: You may have other sites you think are better, but these are my top 5. They are the best because they have cool stuff you won't find on any other site, are easy to use and have loads of information on the show. If you're just starting to get into the show, I'd suggest you start with these sites:

Imagiquest Entertainment- This is the creators official site. If you're a fan of the show, you definitely want to visit this site, as it has a great episode guide with personal stories and little known facts about the filming of the show.

The Centre Data Annex- This is a great site with loads of info on the show. It takes forever to load though, and the entire site is Shockwave. You can find screensavers and other interesting stuff here.

Lois' Daily Planet Pretender Pages- For sure this is the best place on the web for Pretender info. A thorough episode guide, loads of ideas and information on TNT and it's involvement with the Pretender. Plus, this site also hosts chats with Jamie Denton, and occasionally other people involved with the show.

TNT's Pretender Site- TNT's site is really cool. It has a decent episode guide and bios of the actors and their characters. The coolest thing here, though, is the video and sound clips. There's also Pretender e-cards and games.

Pretender Headquarters- If you're a fan of the show but don't live in the States like me! then you'll love this site, which has more international info on the show than any other site I've found. It also hosts the Pretender Role Playing Game.

BUT IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING MORE SPECIFIC... These sites may not have a lot of information, but they do have one thing that you can't really find anywhere else:

P.E.Z Pretender Enthusiasts and Zealots- This site has lots of transcripts of episodes of the show. I have some here, but this site has loads of them.

The Pretender Fanfiction Archive- If you're looking for fanfiction, look no further than this site. With thousands of stories, including my own, by the way! archived there, you could spend hours pouring through peoples stories.

Miss Parker's Sweet Rewards- This site is dedicated pretty much just to sounds. If there's a quote from the show that you love, you can find it as a WAV file here.

The Pretender Virtual Season- This site is a favourite of mine. Continuing from where The Inner Sense left of, each week a new episode is posted. Though it's not as good as the real thing, it's still damn entertaining!

The Centrenet- This is the homepage for the Pretender mailing list.

Operation Save the Pretender- You can find information on how to keep the Pretender going here.

PAGES DEDICATED TO THE ACTORS AND ACTRESSES If you're looking for info on what the stars of the Pretender are up to, or how to write to them, you'll find it on these sites:

Michael T. Weiss Daily Digest- No, it's not his official site, but it does have loads of pictures and info on the actor who plays Jarod.

Patrick Bauchau official website- For fans of the man behind Sydney.

Jon Gries official website- A great site dedicated to Broots himself, Jon Gries.

Jamie's Place- The official website for Jamie Denton, who plays Mr. Lyle on the show, hosted by Lois' Daily Planet.


Red Notebooks- You may have read the reviews of the fourth season that I link to from this site. Well, those reviews are hosted by this site. It also has some cool fanfiction.

The Centre- Lots of information, pictures and sounds. It hasn't been updated in ages, though.