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Dani Pa'endragon

In her human form she is small and slender, blue eyes and dark blond hair, she carries a sword, dagger and of course her trusty slingshot. The air ripples around her, bluish purple silken wings appear and, with a roar, a dragon appears before you.

Married to Raven Paendragon. Children: Bazil, Melina, Gabe, Kai, Storm, Valora, Kylie and Karsinian.

Second Generation Clan Faro, Sired by Aramis Faro

As she read the missive her heart became heavier and heavier, the news wasn't good, she was being called back to her homeland for no telling how long. The missive floated to the floor as she dropped it and, with a deep sigh of sadness, she went to her room to begin packing, taking with her only those things that meant the most.. the rest she would leave. After telling her husband and family farewell, she met her brother and son and, together, the three of them bgan the long journey over the mountains. Hopefully, someday she would return.