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Friends and Freaks

If your here were cool... if not FUCK YOU! :)

Ariel- Well.. Yer a "Cool Chick" Muahaha.. Don't Worry about the begining of the year.. Its All good! Yeah well see ya in English with Mr. Wheatly's purple pants! Muahaha.. and see ya at the skate park maybe..Later Toots!...

Jasmine- well your very hyper and act wierd, and you said you were going to make me mince meat?? Haha...mince meat is yucky! i don't know you very well well or as much as i'd like to, but from what i do know is that you like Punk and thats Neet-o-rific! we never really talk as much as i'd like but you're cool!?!

Dana W.- Well i doubt you'll ever see this but i had to add you on here because yer a neet-o coolieo person! But i don't have much to say. Later.

Nicole A.-well yer one of Matt's friend and you're a kick ass person! sXe Kicks ass! And i have to give you credit that you think guys with colored hair look good :) and Punk rocks! And well i'm a lazy bum so i don't feel like adding Cara and Lauren, yet again i don't know hem! but their names are on here, so they don't suck!

Josh O- Thanks fer helpling me fix my computer when its fucked, and fer getting me the name chester (dumbass :)! Heh..

Josh H- Erm what can i say about you? Not to much other than you're a big Freak And umm well not much else.... Keep the circle Alive!

Josh C- Well.. Teddy bear :) I don't really know you but.. your cool i guess

Anne- What can i say about you? you're just your hyper self! Good luck with Matt

Matt- I still think your a idiot for leavin tech! i probably won't see you again unless its at the skate park or something.. kep your breed alive!

John- well you went to my middle school... We had fun throwin pencils in the celing! Stay cool!

Dana- well yer scary... but yer cool! fun fun at the skate park! stay cool! You like punk which is totally awsomesness cool, you always call me fucknuts but that ok. Dude..

Sara- Herm what to say about you? You hit me everyday you were mean and short but you're still cool! And you're also a idiot for leavin!

Amanda M.-your a friend and your in my history class.. i may scare you sometimes but your cool! I'm just like a Teddy bear! :) Muahaha Good luck with T.J.

T.J.- i don't really know you but.. we get along probably because we never talk... but have fun sk8 boarding.. stay cool.. good luck with Amanda

Justin C.-You are a friend.. who is.. erm well i don't know exactly who you are but.. were cool.. Science kicks ass! Keep beatin the crap out of brian! Muahaha

Hostess- Well Science is the best class! you kick ass and you lke good music! Pantera! sweet corn!

Becky- well i can't say anything because i laugh at you! because thats very very truly funny! Muahaha your cool because yer atheist!

Crystal- Herm, well i dunno what to say, because i hardly know you, but you cool?

Nick- you're one crazy bastard! but you're still cool.. 3-wheelers are fun.. but we need to go to that barn with carl and those other people you know..

Amanda W.- Erm.. we.. yer cool because you kicked Jason in the balls! That totally kicked ass! Muahaha

Billy- well i know that you like Metallica and for that you kick ass! Other than that i don't know you very much.

Leslie- i think i spelled yer name wrong, but tis ok. i'll fix it when i become smart! Muaha. Well you don't like A.J. so you don't suck!

Patricia- well people think we've been friends along time, bt i only met you this year! Electronics was fun! stay cool! Tis scary, very very scary. Like EVIL ants! With Rabies! Ahh :) Haha.. Rock on!

Scott V.- you won't be a freak and sit in our circle but you're still cool! That was funny as hell when Jenn broke up with her B/f Haha

Doug- i dunno you but Gordon sucks! hes gay! Muahaha!

i'll add the rest of you later.

if i forgot you well tell me and i'll either put you on here or not but if you not on here well you Suck (thats why A.J.'s not on here!)