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Ozzy Info.

Some Information about "Ozzy" Osbourne!

The Godfather of modern metal John Michael «Ozzy» Osbourne is born in Birmingham December the 3rd 1948. Jack and Lillian Osbourne is his parents. John was the fourth of six children in a small home at 14 Lodge Road in Aston, England. Ozzy's father worked nights in a steel plant while his mother worked days in an Autoshop. His family was very poor. They had no money, no car and little food. In school, other students called John, "Ozzie" or "Oz-brain". There was one student at school named Tony Iommi that Ozzy did'nt get along with. Tony and his mates would make fun of Ozzy's high voice and compared his singing to a girl. The two of them would later meet each other later on other circumstances. Ozzy did not do particularly well in school and wanted to get out as soon as he could. Ozzy was kicked out from school. Ozzy started to steal and break in to houses, but got caught. He sat in prison where he tattooed him self with a smiling face on his knees, so the first thing he saw in the morning is a smiling face. He also got his nickname tattooed on his fingers. When Ozzy where young he wanted to become a plumber, but when he heard the Beatles he wanted to become a beetle. He joined his first band at the age of 14, later Ozzy and Geezer Butler started a band, but needed more members. Geezer got Bill Ward on drums and Tony Iommy on guitar and they formed the band Polka Tulk. Later they changed their band name to Earth and later to Black Sabbath Members of Black Sabbath: Tony Iommy - Lead guitar Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals Bill Ward - Drums Geezer Butler - Bass Ozzy left Black Sabbath while they were making Never Say Die. When Ozzy left Tony Iommy got a new singer. Rhonny James Dio from the group DIO, Black Sabbath kept going on under Tony Iommy and are still going strong. Ozzy started his solo carrier with his friend and guitarist Randy Rhoads and gave out the album Blizzard Of Ozz. The album sold to dobbel - platina and got some songs on it that went into music history. Ozzy married his manager Sharon Osbourne same year as the album came out. When Ozzy went on stage first time with The Blizzard Of Ozz tour he felt so nervous before he walked up and down the street outside his house. But Sharon helped him and the concert was a hit. Ozzy became a live favourite, because of his yelling and screaming to the audience. On the shows people threw things on the stage, like plastic bats and dead animals. One time someone threw a real bat at him and he bit the head of it, because he thought it was a plastic bat. He collapsed and lied in the hospital several days before he could perform again. Ozzy became a alcoholic and he went on cocaine for many years. But Sharon sent him to a center for alcoholics and he got dry after several visits. His guitarist, Randy Rhoads, died in a private airplane crash 23 years old.«He was my best friend and the best musician he had ever known» is the words written by Ozzy in the cover of Tribute(6). Ozzy is well known for is skills to find young and excellent guitar players, and so he did. Jack E. Lee was the next guitarist and he played on Bark At The Moon, Ultimate Sin, Just Say Ozzy and No Rest For The Wicked. Jake E. Lee quit the band and Zakk Wylde took over the guitar. He has played with Ozzy since No More tears. "Ultimately, the only thing I've ever done right in my life is make music," says Ozzy Osbourne. "I don't know anything else."