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If you don't like My Site.... Go to Hell! Muahaha as you can see theres a few people i don't like! Heh.. well they SUCK! :) one person is below!...Heh..

Hmm look up there! its some dumb fucker! But i don't care.. Fuck You!

Ash to ash dusk to dusk life's too short so party we must!

I'm not a COMPLETE IDIOT, some parts are missing

i am atheist..i do not believe in god nor do i believe in satan.. i have no problem with people who believe in a god.. everyone has their opinion.. but i'm atheist because..There is no proof of the existence of god...There is no need of, or use for, a god.....There is no all-powerful good god; otherwise there would be no imperfection....If this is the best world god can make, the stories of Heaven must be lies. I am who i am, and you should like me for who i am not what i believe in! and If you don't like what i say well....

Whats new!?

I also listen to music... the best bands/music makers are Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Godsmack, Disturbed, Pantera, Alice and Chains, 3 Doors Down, Drowning Pool, Anthrax, Adam Sandler, Fatboy Slim, Jimmy Eat World, B.B.King (a good blue's man), Marilyn Manson, Rancid, Fuel, Good Charlotte, The Offspring, Ac/Dc (the best aussies ever),White/Rob zombie, Nickelback, MotorHead, Mudvayne, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Megadeth, Cold ,Static X, Soundgarden, Ramstien, Nonpoint, Millencolin, Default, Jimi Hendrix, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Green Day, Mest, MxPx, NoFx, The Queers! and so many many more....Music is life! and Life is Music!

One thing that pisses me off is when people make fun of me and others being punk. They think punk is just a bunch of kids jumping around and saying "Oi". well punk is to stand for what you believe, and to have thought about what you believe. To not care so much about what you look like, but to realize that the majority of people going along with something does not make it right. So for all you fucking idiots its not all Oi and it doesn't suck. it may to youm but it doesn't to me.

Band stuff.

People are!?

Britney Sucks!

ҿ I see You!! :)



Everyone defines everyone else, well I don't give a fuck. Label me whatever the hell you want. I just want to be left alone. So I can wear my thrift shop clothes and not have mohawked hair or the most perfect spikes. So I can like whatever band I like. I know who I am, don't label me cause you can't tell me who to be. And if you don't think I'm "punk", I don't give a fuck. I am myself and I won't be a clone, and I'm not a clone! I'm not changin myself for anyone!

A real punk is punk on the inside

Hmm. Punk stuff?

They have no face, no place for ears theres no clam eyes to cry clam tears. No spinal cord they must get bored might as well put them out of misery. Although the world could be less selfish I guess its alright to eat shellfish!

They're from stuff I've heard.

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