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Bad Words...

These are some bad words! Don't call me then or you will have bad luck!

"Selling Out" - When a band writes music they think people want to hear, instead of what THEY really want to write, instead of what they like, instead of what's in their hearts, because it's a safe way to guarantee album sales; When a band worries about what other people will think before they write music; When a band tries to sell a certain image because it's popular at the time; When a band changes for record companies and the public instead of for themselves; compromising musical intergity.

Then there is the ever popular...

"Poser" - A person who claims to like a certain band or style of music in order to fit in with a certain crowd; A person who claims to be a big, huge fan, but only owns one album and knows no history of that band Examples: Punks claiming to like punk to fit in with that certin group, A "Metallica fan" who thinks the Black Album is their first release and doesn't know who Cliff is, A "Pantera fan" who is oblivious to the exsistance of Cowboys From Hell and any albums before it, An "Anthrax fan" who thinks John Bush is their original singer,; The worst insult you can say to a true metalhead.

Sheep- Are mindless, lifeless foolsThey only care about materialistic values and their status on the social ladder, idiotically challenged bastards who talk mindless shit with no reason behind it And talk shit and doesn't act upon their words

hypocrite- Is when you say something and believe in it, however you try and act like you disgust or hate that certain thing, you are also hypocritical with your views because you contradict yourself.

SteroType- is the same overused and/or expected thing that everyone expects from a certain group. Examples are a sterotype for a homosexual would be to have a limp wrist, and talk with a lisp, and a stereotype for a punk would be colored hair, chuck taylors, bracelts, a leather jacket, And tube socks.

conformist- A person who uncritically or habitually conforms to the customs, rules, or styles of a group. And a person who feels compelled to conform to societys wants and needs. People who have the need to buy the designer clothes, have the perfect hair, clothes, looks.(Conformist suck!) who lives their lives as themselves not feeling compelled to live by sociteys norms. Example is freaks and punks not really giving a crap what other people thinks because they're themselves and dress how they want and don't care what people think.(Non conformist kick fucking ass!)

Straight Edge (sXe)-A common practice at all-ages punk shows was to mark minors with an "X" on their hands so they couldn't buy alcohol. As the straight-edge philosophy grew popular, punks who were older than 18 but didn't drink for ideological reasons started to mark themselves with the X in a show of solidarity. The goal of being sXe to regain as much personal control over your own life as possible. sXe is the only youth counter-culture to actively discourage drug use, alcohol use, and sex. Don't Drink, Don't Smoke, Don't fuck!