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And here are our players.

The Players
Here is a list of players that currently spend time with our cozy little group, which are also a part of our kick ass team, NWP!

As you can tell some of the more cooler players have earned their names (except Sergeant he only got his name since he is captain, not because he's cool).

Team Name
(link to player pages)
(link to player homepage)
Position Marker
Sergeant Squirrel Jeff Prime Valiant Leader Tippmann 98 Custom,
Spyder Sonix (missing cocking pin)
Bruzer Outlaw (Rusted out)(been gone for 6 months)
Silent BobKenneth Yoho Silent Killer Spyder Sonix (missing cocking pin, screw replacement(no pun intended))
Tippmann 98 Custom (Best gun on the field currently)
VagabondNathan Romesser The Advisor Spyder Sonix
Pilsbury Dough BoyTim Gliesberg The Flanker Inferno Heat
Mitch BitchMitch Molina The New Guy Diablo Inferno (wasnt reliable earlier, works good now)