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Here are the fields we play on. So far we have a total of 3 team fields and are workin on more to practice and to well...kick other teams asses on.

Field 1

Level: Begginner-Intermediate Course

Description: Field with many mounds and trees for cover extending far enough in both directions to start out of sight of enemy units. Great field for any type of game. Surrounded by creek on one side, and railroad tracks on the other.

Comments: This is the main field, where our team faces off against any and everyone else...this is more of a field for all people, and is quite well for advanced and even beginner players.

Location: Road off of Wal-mart located nearest Bellevue West High, next to a creek and a strip of railroad tracks.

Left Feild            Center Field            Right Field

Field 2

Level: Intermediate-Advanced Course

Description: Field half the size of the first field, but with enough trees to block sight across the playeing field. Good for long ball games. Many trees, barriers, and bunkers for any number of team mates on this massive forest battle ground. Hill and railroad tracks on one side, railroad tracks on the other.

Comments: This is our teams secondary field, when alone, NWP combines the first 2 fields and makes for quite interesting firefights. However, because of the thick under brush and the many trees, bunkers, and barriers, this course is for any strong intermediate player and advanced players as the course offers many extras not included with field 1.

Location: Located across tracks from Field 1.


Field 3

Level: Begginner Course

Description: Little cover, with few trees and some high grass. Good for Speed ball. Surrounded by railroad tracks on one side, and housing units on the other.

Comments: This is a crappy fall back feild...this feild is a feild for begginers, with its open field, and easy to cover and see across landscape, is a nice place to work on your aim. But other then that provides no real thrill for the game.

Location: Following tracks north from Fields 1 and 2, located to the right side 1/2 mile down.