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On this page, will be a listing of all the current markers our team owns.

Marker Information Owner
Spyder Sonix fine for now, won't last. Sergeant Squirrel
Spyder Sonix Works great. Best gun on feild, missing bolt pin, has screw replacement. Silent Bob
Spyder Sonix No major problems, and so far pretty good marker. Vagabond
Tippmann 98 Custom Can't shoot straight...go figure for a marker made for a sniper. Sergeant Squirrel
Tippmann 98 Custom hehehe...very nice marker...shit, did i shoot him in the head again?!Silent Bob
Inferno Heat Nice working marker, no major problems currently. Pilsbury Dough Boy
Bruzer Outlaw Used twice. Rusted out completely now and was sent to company for repair...been missing for 6 months now. Segeant Squirrel
Diablo Inferno Used quite a bit. Wasn't reliable at beginning, but has proven worthy as the owner himself has.Mitch Bitch