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Kings Field Guide







Kings Field - The Ancient City

News: Im no longer updating the site.but keep sending in info and i will post it.if only there was more KF games in the usa, than the current 3 we have (Kings Field,Kings Field II,Kings Field - The Ancient City) maybe 1 day there will be another one :(

About:The website was made by a fan for all fans of this great game, Kings Field - The Ancient City.Use this site only if you really need help with the game.all info listed here is correct.

Tips:save often,keep your distance from monsters,watch for traps,take your time,explore everywhere,search everything,level up those weapons and spells,talk to everyone,only buy herbs,mushrooms,arrows until you get your gold stash up.make sure to have the water talismen before exploring the water.if an area is to hard,go back to an easier part and level not kill any human or npc(unless they attack you first).

Thanks:to the people at From Software and Agetec for making a great wonderful game and all the wild n crazy fans over at the agetec kings field general & help forums for info/ know who you are :)

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