<XMP><body></XMP> There ain't no stopping in the red and black SiC one. Dropping a new story of my life in on you low life pieces of crap. You all love it when I talk dirty, admit it.

Once again we find ourselves discussing a trip to the washroom. Now, this is the very first time this has ever happened to me. Of course, I have heard about it before. From stand up comics, movies and of course on late night t.v. Late night as in early morning. So i figured I'd tell you that this problem is infact, TRUE! I woke up around 3 am last night, I had just had a very wonderful night with an ex girlfriend. We drank, we partied and we/I got us a motel room. The room was rather unpleasant. No t.v. No clock. No working sink. Frankly, I was afraid to go in the shower. The only really decent thing in the entire room was the bed. Which had just been made with fresh sheets but I'm getting off topic. So, me and her went at it for quite a few hours. I went through quite a few rubbers. At around 2 o'clock (by my watch) she passed out. I'm assuming I passed out as well but I was woken up at 3 with the very urgent need to take a leak. I climbed out from the covers and as quietly as I could went into the washroom. I pull myself out and try to go. Nothing. I give it a little shake and....nothing. By this time I'm getting kind of freaked, I can feel my bladder starting to burst. I'm just about at the piont where I feel I'm going to die, cuz at least when you can't take a shit you can take some Axlax. I'm standing there and I'm praying, please God just let me pee. At the moment I swear I hear angels singing from the sudden burst of my piss! I'm peeing!

Praise be Jesus!

Only problem is, I'm peeing in the direction of the shower, yet I'm aiming down at the tiolet. I'm trying to get control of it and it starts going in the sink. Now, I'm praying for it to stop! Please lord make it stop! No luck this time, infact it starts coming out harder and faster! I try to pinch myself off, no luck! So I do the only thing I can, I aim for the bathroom door. BINGO! I'm pissing in the tiolet. Whew! I finish my business and take a look around the room, just in case I maybe got some on the wall. Then there this splashing sound. I'm looking around, can't see where the hell this sound is coming from. I hear it again, this time its more of a drip. I look up at the ceiling. There, right above the tiolet, is pee dripping down right into the bowl.

Moral of the story - Aim high and off to the side!