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December 9th '07 : As you can tell I no longer update this website. Thos you can find me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=821710300">

June 17th '06 : Small update on the pictures page, go look. Slideshow of me.
May 10th : I know, no updates. Sorry, got sidetracked on some things...journal does get updated more frequently then this site. I did add two new pics tho' I relized I don't have a "bio" on this site. I think it shall repalce the "hobbies" page which I completly fucked up. Ok, this is turning more into a journal entry. Sorry freaks.

March 16th : I re-amped the front page. Simon has decided to focus more on his schooling. I wish him the best. I'm working on some things for the site. My "hobbies" page will be updated(FINALLY) prolly within the next few day.

FEB 26th : Added 2 new links. Removed 2 links. The work on the hobbies page continues.

Feb 5th : Added a hobbies page. Its not ready yet. Its gonna have pics and little paragrpahs about certain hobbies and shit. I might be showing some BDSM pics, of course making sure that I do not show any nudity. Added 3 VERY recent pics of me in 2005-2006 pics.

Jan 31 2006!:I'M BACK! YES YES YES! New pics of me 2005 - 2006 theres 8 pics there, The SiC-jErK Chronicles new page on "Dark humour"

Sept 8th: As you may have noticed several of the pages have been removed. Not to worry, soon some more interesting pages shall be taken their place. I would also like to take this moment to welcome a new face to the team. Simon. As soon as we get his section started he will become a regular to this site. Everyone else is still welcome to send in anything they wish to share with everyone else.

Sept 7th: Yes after 3 long months I'm back. Its been a rather exciting few months. I'll tell you guys about it in my livejournal when its back up and running. SO, theres some new pictures up (of my new eyebrow piercing), the downloads section should be back up soon. So yea, go re-visit all the area you used to love and get back into being "SiC".

May 22nd: Yes, hell must have frozen over. Cuz here is yet another update! A new rant has been posted. Yep...so go look. On a side note, I really gotta stop smoking.

May 21st: WOAH! Two updates in the same month? Let along in the same week? BACK TO BACK! The end of the world must be upon us! Anyways, as some of you may have found out, theres sounds on the buttons when you go over them now. No biggy right? WRONG! This opens up for a few new "interesting" things. Look for a secret message somewhere on the site very soon...remember you'll have to go looking at the whole site to find it. (Cheap ploy to get you guys to spend more then 5 mins on my site!) Maybe we'll get a contest going or something. Meh...i uploaded 4 new pics today...they took the top row in my pictures..you know where that is. Anyways, better cut this short, its already twice as long as yesterdays "update". PEACE NIGGERS!

May 20th: Well, you know me, i go through my spurts of creativity. So Guss what? The next few days, theres gonna be a couple updates. I'll be adding new pics soon, besides the FOUR NEW PICS I just put up. My hairs pretty long now. So yea, You know where my livejournal is, so if you not checking that out everyday, then you should die. I've got a new hobby, still action or stop motion video's...so I'mma try and get some of those up here maybe some day. So yea, have fun. re-read some of the old rants and shit. Leave me a message in the book and maybe my updates will become more frequent! Hooch to the nooch!

April 30: God, this is getting really bad...month between updates. Some good news, I might become invovled with a rather popular site in the somewhat new future. So visit Feces of Death and have a look around. I'll be known as "Prankster" on there.

Sept 7th: So I guess you all thought i was dead eh? Well yes and no. I've spent the last 3 months working. Yes, I the king of slack had a job. A job that was very demanding physically and mentally. I was a construction worker. Now, I know many of you are going, WHAT THE HELL IS HE TALKING ABOUT?! THAT JOB AIN'T DEMANDING! Well lets see. I cleaned after the other construction workers, doesn't seem like alot right? WRONG! You've all seen the mess one consturction worker can make right? Now times that by 60! Thats what I had to clean up after 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week. Starting at 7 in the morning. So you do the math chumps. ON a side note, I've uploaded a few new pictures. Hope you like them. I'm gonna be updating my livejournal on a daily basis from now on hopefully. So you can all go check that out. SO go around, revisit some parts of the site again. I'll TRY and get the downloads section back up, but don't expect too much. See ya on the flip side.

March 27th: Re-added the journal part of the site. Its more then a year since i used Livejournal. SO bare with me. The link will open in a new window when you click it. Don't bitch about the look, I have no control over that. This is where the majority of the updates will take place, so make sure to check back often.

March 25th: A new rant is up...this time Its the lighter side of my life. :)

March 20th: Well everyone, you've noticed that somethings missing, yes. The downloads section has been deleted. But not under my choosing, angelfire contacted me and asked me to remove. Don't worry it will be up again soon, just won't have all the video files. On the plus...this means something else. All the bandwidth and space used by the files is now free, so i have alot more room to add rants and other crap. So here's what I'm asking. Anyone out there that wishes to write a "rant" or anything for the site...email me about it. Nothing is sacred...and with all the war fuss going on in the world this is the prefect time to shout out about it. So i look forward to hearing from you all. New addition to the site...GAMES.

Feb 22nd: Only 5 days since the last update. But theres been almost 500 (332 to be excact assmunchers) hits since then...thats fucking amazing. This site had been so dead awhile back! THNAK YOU! SO down to business. 1 new rant, 3 new FRIEND pic's. New feauture coming soon...watch for it!

Feb 17th: I'm bad I know. But to make it up to you I added 2 new rants, 2 new links, new pics and new sort of downloads. On a side note soon we'll be having a few guest rants! So look for them very soon.

January 2nd: HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! Some big news on the site today. But i'll just give the links for them. I'm pretty sure you all are gonna LOVE it. Also thanks for all the emails wishing me a happy b-day! i'm glad some of you caught it! Anyways NEW RANT And last but not least...A SIC JERK MOVIE!

December 24th: Merry Christmas everyone! I got rid of the stories page. I got two writers writing for us now! So there be more rants by different people coming soon. Oh and just to tell y'all...my b-day is also coming up to. Guess when...remember everyone I AM JESUS! (In other words my b-day is tommorow)

December 19th: New Rant

December 15th: New AiM cOnVo ::What gets you off?::

December 11th: I removed the POETRY section. Just have no need for it anymore. I don't write it anymore.

December 2nd 2002: Hey all, I just cleaned up the journal today. Deleted anything that related to the site. Kept anything that was about my personal life. So there pretty much nothing there lol. Didn't see a reason to have this page (Updates) and that one basically say the same thing.

November 30th: New rant.


November 26th: Well its been a long time since i added anything for you guys to see huh? Well todays your lucky day, I just added a new joke. Well its more of a Did you know kind of thing. Also I have BACKGROUNDS for your computer! Just download onto your comp and set it as the background. (you should all know how to do this, and if you don't you should be beaten with a stick!) You'll find that in the download section.

November 11th: Lets all take a moment to remember those who fought and died for our freedom. ALrighty not that, thats done (woah that was weird) I found a new quiz online and here it is...

Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?

brought to you by Quizilla

November 6th: Well everyone...I lost the net at home :( So unless i put everything on disk and then bring it over to the lib there prolly won't be any updates for awhile. So thanks for the some 3+ months of fame. Love you all!

November 2nd: New rant.

October 29th: Happy halloween everybody! Just decided to tell you all that i'm fine and alive. There a new poem up..well its been there for a week or so. I've been working on a new webby, Called SleEp dePriVed. I'll fill you all in later.

October 23rd: NEW PICTURES UP! Pics

October 19th: 1 new sic clip. 1 new rant.

October 9th: 4 NEW SIC CLIPS ADDED! SiC cLiPs

October 7th: New rant...nothing big, not really a rant. I'm working on getting the comic finished and writing more stories and shit. I'm know gonna do updates every friday..since i don't have school on that day. (long story) So check back then. Peace all!

October 3rd: One new aim convo posted and one new journal entry.

October 2nd: Well a new sections in the "DaRk HuMoUr" page. it is called AiM cOnVeRsAtIoNs. Two convo's posted. One called ::Preppy battle:: and the other called ::I AM GOD::. Go look!

October 1st: 3 month anniversary everyone! And to celebrate....I've decided to bring two new idea's to the site. A comic and a AiM cOnVeRsAtIoNs. I am also removing several links and adding a few more. You might be seeing a few new faces around soon. As i have just enlisted the services of several writers. :D Also you will notice that the news and the journal are now arranged from newest to oldest. Makes it easier on everyone eh? EVEN BETTER NEWS! NEW LOOK COMING SOON! I'll be unveiling it in the coming weeks.








August 20th: HEY! WE HIT 1000 HITS TODAY! YAAAAH!Also, hope you enjoy the new look! And since that we have hit the 1000 makr i might as well make an update page! Hence this page! :P

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