<XMP><body></XMP> 2003 Rants:

A new year, an old problem - Jan 1st

Piontless bitching - Not dated

Almost a complete thought - Feb 16th

Hey...its all good! - Feb 22th

Angst ridden no more - March 25th

Jump here and there, I wish I was queer - May 22

2002 Rants:

Response to a "non-believer" August 1st 2002
Don't FUCK with my friends August 6th 2002
"Good looking" August 11th 2002
"Suicide" August 13th 2002
"Whatever" August 20th 2002
"Religion part one" September 6th 2002
"A look for sympathy? I don't want none." September 12th 2002
"A feminst rant.....from a male?" September 12th 2002
"Relationships suck" September 26th 2002
"I'm a puzzle" October 7th 2002
"Damn dentists" October 16th 2002
"Fitting in - By Ed the Sock" October 24th 2002
"Confusion" November 2nd 2002
"Why do these tears come at night" November 30th 2002
"Country music" December 19th 2002