I hate the media.

I hate the media's appearance of women. Why is the media so obsessed with blondes, blue eyed, aneroxic women? I don't know about you, but where i live these girls don't exist.


Can you imagine a world like that?! Blondes already have the sterotype of being "dumb" which by the way i DON'T agree with. So why become one?! Because the media wants you to? Because thats what you think men what you to look like?

Wrong ladies! We men are pigs! We don't give a rat's ASS what you look like. Most of us just want sex. (brutal honest is the best!) and some don't.

We honestly could careless what you look like! Whe don't care if your thin or "fat", beautiful or "ugly". All we care about is happiness. Yours and ours. JUST BE YOURSELF! If a man doesn't like you for what you are then show him the door. You don't need to go changing for someone else!