Ok, this is a different kinda of rant. I'm not gonna bitch and moan about things that piss me off. Today I'm just gonna talk.

Have you ever wanted to be one of those people who "touches" someone? I don't mean like with our hands. (frigging perverts) I mean touch someones soul. Say something so deep that it clears one's mind. That it just makes them focus on that one thing? I know i have.

I've been in the thought over the last few years over religion. Mostly over Christianity. I've tried to discect the religion if you will. I've searched threw the bible and just looked for contradictions. You know, but there something i'd like to know. Why the heck does it leave out so much about jesus life? Like it goes from when he was born to when we was an adult. What was Jesus like as a kid? Well? anyone? And did he have any brothers or sisters? I mean "half" anyways. You mean to tell me that over all those years, Joseph (the dude mary was with) never once got any from her?

Almost anything in the bible can be taken in any way. You know, I think i've wrote enough for now, I think i'mma turn this into a continues "Rant" I'll update it or make new "issues". So check back later and often.