Whats been going on in my life? Well lets see...

I'm sixteen, my girlfriend just broke up with me, a friend tried to kill himself, my friends had had problems with her ex (death threats and crap) and on top of all that no one thinks i am capable of an intelligent conversation.

I might be young, but when i talk about something, its because i know what i'm talknig about. I always have something to prove or back up what I'm saying.

I'm sick of society labelling me. I am not a "teen", I am not a "child". I AM ME! I don't fit any labells. I am myself, I am what i am. I am a goddamn individual.

Just tongiht people accused me or not caring about anything. I'll tell you something, i care about alot of things, but i can't stand two things.

Drunks and self pity.

So what? Your momma hated you? Your daddy loved you too much. Kids were mean and you didn't fit in anywhere? TOO FUCKING BAD! WHO CARES?! Give them the finger and be yourself.

Now the reason your a "drunk" is cuz of your selfpity. Get your ass and help yourself then! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!

Cry me and river then go drown yourself in it. Just shut the fuck up!