How come women can wear women clothing, but if a man wears womens clothing he is labelled "gay"? When a women wears mens clothing its labeled as a style and to show liberation from conversational thinking. But its the other way with the men.

There are a few ways to "solve" this problem. First starting with clothing stores/departments. Instead of serperating clothing by sex. Be seperated by size. Now of course thats gonna raise the issue of women and men being "fat". Well the basic idea behind all this is to be happy with what you are!

I mean whats the big deal what someone looks like? Why are we as a society so set on the "slim is beautiful" image. Infact everyone is beautiful. You can be the ugliest son of a bitch around...but you could be the smartest. Hence you have a beautiful mind. So what does it matter what people look like?

Be free....be happy!