Yay, I'm single!

The freedom, the air has never smelt so fresh! The birds are chirping, the sky is blue and there isn't a cloud to be seen for miles. Wait a minute...There is one single storm cloud, and it look like its gonna be a helluva big one.

*Cue me walking down the street*

I've been single for awhile now. 'Bout a month now, you wanna know why? Because me and my girl had no time for one another. Sure, I'd go to her school and see her at lunch, hang and chill with her friends. But thats an hour with peopel around. I want this girl alone so I can actually talk to her. Get to know her. Nope, it ain't happening is it?

See for some reason I have the tendancy to drive people away. I don't like it much that way, but in a way it cool too. I mean who doesn't like the angst ridden feel sorry for me teen? *scoffs a laugh* Hey, you get to know me and i'm the greatest guy you'll ever meet and know. You want a cig and i only got one left? I'll split it with you. I only got a few bucks on me, I'll lend it. All i ask in return is your ear. Be my friend, be a companion, be someone i can go to and have no qualms about crying in front of. Does this seem like much?

Alright maybe it does. But meh...So anyway here I am single. Sitting thourgh another one of my moms bitchoffs where she disses everyone from the Pope to My bio-father. And i'm thinking, what would an axe look like in her head. No not really, I'm thinking about two of my exs. Two I love and loved very much. But there this nagging vioce in my head, (aside from my moms) thats saying, go forward, don't look back. Find antother girl to take you. Love her, make her feel great. Show them how special they are. Then theres this other vioce saying...go out get laid, use them and be like every other man on the face of this planet.

Then it takes the lotion and smears it on his back...

Damnit, CLERKS THE CARTOON has taken over my life. IS IT SAFE?!

Anyway...listne women, you want a guy to treat you right. I'm your man. You want a guy to worship the round you walk on. Well I ain't that guy. But if you want someone who can be there when you need to vent, to be there at ngiht to just hold you. Thats me. Simple. It might take some work to get to know me, but its very worth it. I assure you. *Hides axe behind back*