I'm hap hap HAPPY!

You know for a change of pace I thought I'd share the good things in my life. Yea thats right I ain't some angst ridden teen. I actually have a good side to it.

Mainly the main one being my girl. Jo. Remember awhile back awhile ago when i wrote about my new years. Wel lJo was the "churchy" girl. Wanna know something else? I don't care thats shes religious. I have no problems you wanna know why? Because she doesn't push religion on me. She stated her thought on religion, and i stated mine. We know what the other thinks and we accept that. So its cool.

Jo is a great lady. She smart too, and yes she's even funny. She is the greatest thing to happen to me since..since I discovered wrestling. With me, wrestling is a big part of my life so you can tell i care for this girl more then i can express.

So what else can i say about Jo? I can say alot but as she would say, "get your mind out of the gutter". So I can't you know, gotta keep her happy. I'm willing to give everything for her, be it my arms to cry in, my heart to reach out to her, to my very soul. I pledge myself to her, and if we ever part ways, she will be my dearest friend...

Now I know I'm now to you all as a "player" but truth is I ain't. I'm just a blind romantic. I like women, but i want them to be happy. I'm looking for love and I think I've found it. THATS RIGHT JO I LOVE YOU!

Love is mysterious. And the matter of the heart is a long and hard road.

The next thing going right in my life...is well nothing really come to think of it. But none of that matters, as long as I have Jo.