This goes out to "Phil". That big son of a bitch. You know, when i first meet you i liked you. You were cool. You were decent. But know that i've got to see your "bad side" i only have one thing to say to you.


You know, I don't undestand why the hell you would want to hurt "Trish". (I'll go into detail later for all you on th eoutside of this) She is smart, sensitive, beautiful and one incredible person. But you want her dead?! WHAT THE FUCK'S UP WITH THAT?!

Just cuz she broke up with you? Thats one of the stupidest reasons i've ever heard! What "oh she hurt me" well whoopity fucking do! Everyone has been hurt before. But no one wants to KILL someone over it. Man, have you heard her? Have you seen her!? Do you even relize what you have done to her!? You've hurt her enough.

And another thing "Phil" I swear on my grandparents graves if you even so much as step a foot in her direction I, yes I! Will personally see to it that you walk around with one foot up your ass and one fist down your thoart? Understand?

Fucking dickhead.