This is my therapy.

I recently had a few people say they we're worried about me. That I seem really depressed and apparently that I think of killing myself. People...please this is me. If you know me enough to try and talk to me about my "issues" then you know i won't go out and kill myself. I think thats a cowards way out. Do you see me as some sort of coward? I hope not. Thanks for saying you care, that you don't want me to kick the bucket. Its great knowing people care. But frankly, its cool. Just relax. I ain't gonna go blow my head off or slit my wrist.

The stuff i write..its my form of therapy and let's face it, its a helluva alot cheaper. I write to vent, to express my feelings that i just don't say. Its all good! Would you rather me just bottle this all up? And turn into some crack addict cuz I can't deal with my life? I bet you don't. So ease up...

Hell, and if some people find some entertainment in my "ranting" then all the more better. Hell i bet it has helped some people out there, to know that they ain't the only ones that have these sort of problems. Sure there might be some sort of difference but in essance our problems are all the same.

So people...just relax. Jeff will always be around, and yep if you piss him off you'll hear about it.