Sometimes I wish I was crazy. Other time si Know i'm not. Wish i could make my mind up on one.

I'd have a reason to feel like this. I'd know why I think about death but don't have the courage to do it. They say its normal to feel depressed every now and then, but only I truly know whats going on in my head and sometimes I don't even know that much.

If I go back and start reading what I write, I lose my thought. It's like my mind is agruing with its itself on what to put down. I almost read what i wrote now, almost lost the thought of thinking of the thought. Am I confusing you? Don't worry I'm lost too.

Maybe I'm different, or maybe in my quest to be different I'm just being the same as everyone else. How to put it in words so you people understand. Without words you know. The more you know, the less you know, ya know?

Why is it so wrong to be wrong? Why does everything have to be black and white? If thats the way things are then I'm grey. My life is grey.