Piontless bitching

Let me tell you something. I pure and simple don't give two shits what you think of me. If I went around worrying about what everyone thought about me I'd be a pussy. I'd be you!

Sure I've prolly hurt people in the past with my brutaly honesty, or my "narrow minded" views. I go around bitching about people not accepting me and then go on about acting like i don't give two shits. You wanna know what I'm doing right now.. I'm sitting here in my black jeans, a WWF stone cold t-shirt, listening to fucking Creed! Do I care...nope. And to be honest with you I just let out one stanky smelling fart thats even causing the dog to choke. Now I'll say it again, I don't give two shits!

I'm me, you can't accept it, well fuck you then. Sure it hurts when you call me names and put me down, but fuck its only words. They all slide off my back cuz I just look at where its coming from. Its coming from you. Someone who has to make themselves look big by making other people look small. Well sorry people but you see us losers, we own the fucking world. We are the kids you picked on in highschool but you know what, when your an adult and your working the lines. We're the ones who'll get to fire your sorry asses. We're in control, we have the numbers and guess what, yep thats right WE GOT THE FUCKING POWER!

Maybe I judge you all too harshly, theres some of you out there that are pretty good/nice in generally. But will I remember all the good things you do? Prolly not. What i will remember is you pissing me off. Cuz hates stronger then love. Its true. Lets look at all the fucking divorces! They pledged their love. Now where did that lead them to?! The drove each other insane and to the piont where they just said fuck it, I hate you, goodbye.

Once again I come back to the numbers. The haters are in control so why not just go with it. Cuz we gotta be rebels! Now the good guys are the bad guys and vice versa. Who's keeping track?! NOBODY?! Does anyone give a shit? NOPE! So why the hell should we. Cuz we're different? HA thats a laugh. We all the same so why the hell not be a dickhead? Why not be a slut or a whore. Sure we may have "god" to answer to later, but if we do then you now what. I'm gonna reserve my spot in hell! Cuz i never liked answering to anyone but myself! Heres something for you to "forgive" me for god! *raises his middle finger to the sky* Oh and another thing, heres two for you Satan! *lowers two middle fingers to the floor*.

You don't like me? Well fuck you! You like me and find me cool? Fuck you too!