Well this seems odd....

Ok, you all remember back awhile ago when i wrote the rant "Don't fuck with my friends" well this new years I spent it with them and my new girl. Yes, "Phil" and "trish" where together.

But not just in the same car, IN THE SAME GODDAMN BED!

Ok, see they went threw a whole lot of shit. "Phil" was put in jail for awhile for assault and thearts (I still don't know the whole story) because of what he did to "Trish". "Trish" was apprently just pissed off at "Phil". So she basically made up some of the stuff. "Phil" did time, now their together now. Why does this seem weird... i'll start off at the beginning.

I hopped on my comp on the 31st, had no plans for new year's so i was bummed out. "Trish" comes on and asks me if i wanna hang with her and my girl for the new year. (New girlfriend of 1 day then) Of course i said yae and wen tover. Its when i got there that i get talked into going with them, with "Phil". I'm cool with it...but its gonna feel weird ya know? So I go with them and we have a pretty good time for most of the night. Real mellow times. So we're driving in Toronto and i notice that "Trish" and "phil" have gotton closer. Well infact its "Trish" that has gotton closer. Now this bugs me...i mean REALLY FUCKING PISSES ME OFF!!!

"Trish" made it seem that she was terrified of this guy. That she was worried he was gonna kill her or beat her. Well when i saw how she was acting, I FELT LIKE DOING THE SAME! You're telling me that someone who "hurt or so bad and mistreated me" is now you new fuck-buddy or something? Well sorry if this sounds bad, BUT HOW TWO FACED CAN YOU BE?!

Didn't you tell me you'd never speak to him again and didn't you make it sound like he was the bad guy? You had me worked up so i wanted to kill him next time i saw him. But then get me to "hang" with you two on New years using the shield of getting some time with my girl as a cover? FUCK YOU! If you've forgiven him then thats cool. Just don't try to sugarcoat anything with me.

I had a talk with "phil" when the girls went up into the apartment to get something. He really is a nice guy. He's pretty intelligent to, so maybe he knew what i was there for. Maybe that's why he was being nice. I got no real prob with "Phil" Its mostly just "trish" and her bullshit. Me and "Trish" go way back. Like grade school back. So when someone fucks with her i get ticked and violent. I'm getting off topic.

So anyways we all drive around till about 11:30 then we rush to "phils' place to catch the countdown. So bang, its 2003. Wow...yay. I wanna get laid now.

Well not only don't i get laid but i also have to spend the night catching glimpes of "Phil" and "Trish" getting heavy. This is just to much for my brain already. So i tried to keep my attention on my girl while trying not to get boned up cuz she's all churchy. (No offense hopefully) So yea, about 5ish we all get up again (No one slept) and we all go driving around again. Their getting "comfortable" up in front and i'm with my hun, so its all cool. But you can sorta feel that tension thing in the air. Luckily nothing set anyone off or me.

So in other words i found myself in a very odd situation. I'm still abit confused about all of it really and my anger is alittle misplaced. So I'll add to this later when my heads clearly...or more blurry who the fuck knows anyways?!

So in short, wish you all mental health better then mine.