I don't fucking get country music.

All i ever hear country singers "singing" about is, bars, pickup trucks, and how their hearts ache cuz their "baby" left them.

Well what the fuck did you think?! You think anyone chick wants to be with a man who hits the bars all the time and drives around in the big old pickup truck? FUCK NO!

Women want a man whos kind, sweet, understanding and will cuddle and hold them after sex. (I doubt any exist!) Not some drunk fat ass tring to get some but falling asleep before she can even get her bra undone.

Yesterday i just happened to go past a country station, you wanna know what i heard? I heard Tim Mcgrawth (or some shit like that) singing about a "bbq stain on his white t-shirt". What the hell is that?! A BBQ STAIN?! A MOTHER FUCKING BBQ STAIN WAS YOUR MOTIVATION FOR THIS SONG?! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!

Man, what a frigging moron.

I won't be surprised if theres someone singing some song about their dogs drool! And you wanna whats the sad thing, it will prolly end up being a big hit to!