I got the thinking...

Why am I so constantly negative? Why do i see everyone as an enemy? Well just a few seconds ago i figured it out.

I'm scared.

Not of just people in general, but more of what if this happens. What if they don't like me. What if they think i'm weird. But at the same time i'm thinking, this is me, if you can't accept me i don't want to know you.

Sometimes i will look at people and classify them, Yet at the same time i hate people who classify me. I've become what i hate. So why is it that i want to be me...by being like others?!

In my confusion I've prolly shut alot of people out. And if you think your one of those, i'm sorry.

Now, what is it that makes one an "individual"? The dictonary states it as being "A member of one in a certain catergory". So does that mean to be an individual you have to be alone? If so then i don't think there is such a thing anymore in todays society. Even the guy who has nothing and no one is not an individual. Because somewhere out there, there is someone else like him. So he is not truly alone.

Honestly, whats the piont of being an individual if you have no one to stand by you and support your decisions?! None..I don't know about you, but i don't want to die alone. And if thats the cost to being an individual...i don't want to be one.