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April 15, 2002 - Fitting In

I received a disturbing set of e-mails recently from viewer who was sadly thinking of doing himself harm. And his reason? He's a geek. He doesn't fit in. At school, he doesn't hang with the popular crowd. He doesn't like the 'cool' music. He doesn't wear the 'cool' clothes. And when the 'cool' kids bother to notice him, they just make fun of his clothes, his looks, his music and anything else they can find that's different.

The really disturbing thing is that this kid is not alone. There are thousands and thousands like him, who don't fit in, don't like the popular things, don't follow the popular codes of conduct. These feelings are not limited to teenagers, but like everything else they go through, teenagers feel they are the only ones going through it, and so it swells and grows like a zit on the face of the guy running the fry bin at Harvey's.

Well let me address myself to every geek, nerd, techie, sci-fi nut and every other social outcast: good for you.

Who the hell wants to fit in? You know what the in-crowd is made up of? Morons! Look at that writhing mass of the great unwashed, in their identical clothes, with their identical hair, their identical music. They don't talk, they echo! The only time they make a personal choice is when they order ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

Do you really want to fit in with that? Sure, they have numbers on their side. But do you know why they make fun of you? Because they're insecure, and you make them wet their pants. Sure, they call you names and make you feel insecure, but who's the real pathetic one? The one who follows her own likes and dislikes, or the knob who needs to hide in the crowd? The idiot making fun of you is just jealous that he doesn't have the balls to do his own thing like you do.

As for those names they call you - who cares? Honestly! They don't know who you are, they don't know what you think, they just see someone who's very existence invalidates their incessant brown-nosing of the in-crowd. Think of yourself like brightly wrapped birthday present. People can guess what's in the box, but that doesn't mean that that's what's in the box. You are not what they say you are just because they say it.

So you're a geek, so you don't fit in…good. Not a single significant thing of any benefit on this earth has ever been accomplished by the people who want to fit in. It's the geeks, the losers, the freak, the outcasts - they're the ones with the ability to look outside the way things are and contribute something of value. What, do you think Bill Gates was like Fonzie in high school? The same idiots that laugh at you laughed at him - well who's laughing now?

As for doing what's cool - 'cool' has never been doing what everyone else does. Cool is doing your own thing, being an individual. And then, having your style is emulated by the horde of hair-gelled idiots who want to become individuals by copying you. They just don't get it - which is why they're morons.

Hey, you think I'm cool? Of course you do! And do you think I fit in here? With the shiny, happy lobotomy victims who shill for the meaningless tripe we play all day long? They hate my guts here, because I tell it like it is, and I don't kiss anyone's butt. So who would you rather be? Me, or those corporate robots?

And don't worry if you're only sex partner throughout your teen years lives on the end of your wrist. Once you get out of high school, things change. The most popular guy I went to high school with? He wound up with a woman who looks like the Toxic Avenger - and you've seen the chicks I get. Trust me, it's better to have lousy teen years and good adult years, because the adult years last a lot longer. He who laughs last, laughs best.

You're a geek, you're a freak, you're an outcast - and you're the ones I'd wanna hang out with. Be proud. You don't want to be another swarming fly on the log of crap, another Borg to be assimilated. The in-crowd - they're nothing but sheep, and you know what becomes of sheep? Lamb Chops, and I'm not talking about that lame-ass puppet.

I'm Ed the Sock.