Today I had a dentists appiontment and I just like to say right now....WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING?!

Ok first off, i don't like an office type place. Be it a school office, to a post office(who doesn't) to a docters office. But dentist offices are even worse. You can hear screams of pain, you can hear the whirling of the next instrument of death and the scary thing is...WE VOLUNTEER AND PAY TO GO!

I had this hygenist today..totally hottie. She lies my down in the chair and she must have noticed my drooling so she puts this little bib thing on me. Then goes and closes the door. I"m thinking this is a sweet deal, hottie, locked door, this is going good. Then the whirling sound interupts my dream. DAMN IT!

And then comes the pain. Scrap scrap. Whirl whirl! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! What the hell? Your only supposed to bleach my teeth! Whats with the numbing pain?!

Then she has the nerve to ask if I'm ok?! Ok how bout you get in this chair, let me put this embrassing bib on you, then let me poke and jab your mouth. Come to think about that...thats starting to sound good! YOu know, maybe i'll even give you a whiter smile to! REAL GOOD! WHOOO HOOOOO! But you know what....i think i'mma leave the door unlocked!