I recently received an email from a girl on how my site quote "sucks shit" unquote. Well as you can see this obviously angered me, but see I am not a person who seeks revenge...well at least not over some thing as small as this. Speaking of small thing..how small of a brain did this chick have to have? I mean this site, its a personal site. It about me and my life, about the things i do. The things i enjoy doing. If you don't like it then don't bother coming back. if you weren't interested in finding out about me you should not have come here. I mean...jesus what the hell was the piont of telling me my site sucks...fucking cunt scab.

The only thing i found offensive was that she referred to me as quote "the non-talented dumbass who writes the stories and poetry." unqoute. Well i'm sorry, i didn't go to some great big college and get a degree in writing or whatever. I'm 16 fucking years old. Hell i'll be honest i still haven't got my grade 10 english! But to call me a non-talented dumbass...thats just stupid. Alot of people have said i have talent in writing. So just to tell you whore...go fuck yourself in the ass you stupid fucking dyke bitch!