Ever wonder what the truly disturbed do in their "free" time? Meet the SiC JeRk and his friends as they plan a day out.

Join them as the go on a journey to find the secret of eternal bliss. Of course you can never go anywhere without being prepared, which our hosts will prove to anyone they meet as they load up on shaving cream, eggs, model dummies, squirts guns and even a frozen fish as they explore the secret underbelly of the local mall!

Follow them into the night as the creep into White Church graveyard and try to find the secret to life in death. In ways you would not even consider!


Jeff Gallagher as "The SiC JeRk"

Katie VonWiener as "Biddy"

Other cast as follows:

Brad "Imaukypolock" Pidscalny as Himself
Victoria as Herself
Anna Gonafalo as The mysterious stalker