<XMP><body></XMP> Friends:
Below are pics of friends in the real world and the net that have influenced me in one or another. Click image to enlarge.

"This is my net bud Scott. He's pretty cool and he can be pretty "deep" sometimes."

"A girl i met online. Me and her have talked alot and I like to think we "connected". She helped me deal with alot that was going on in my life. I miss her.

"My friend mike from outside the online world. For some reason..he looks like a dwarf in this pic....ummm enlarge it by clicking on it!

"One of my closest friends. One of the true people I love with all my heart."

"Take a good look at the face of pure evil, for she will be in your ever nightmare. Heh...this is my gal pal Bernie.

"Me and Perry. Well he's really name is Mike, but I've called him Perry since the day we started going to Air Cadets. Yes thats right I was in Cadets. I was even someone with rank so :P!"

"Tiff. An old friend who i based some of my old poetry on. She is also one i read them to."