Name: Jeff "Grim" Gallagher Age: 20 Height: 6'0 Weight: Stop with the senstive questions! *cries*

Hobbies/Interests : I'm an avid reader. Be it from magizines to 600+ page books. I'm also a HUGE music listener. Enjoying alot of differnet styles of music, and appriciating ones that I do not enjoy. I also am and will always be a wrestling fan. But I tend to think of myself more "business" when it coems to wrestling. While other people watch because they enjoy, I watch cause I secretly wish it was me in the ring. I would like to be involved in wrestling in anyways, as of the moment I go and tape local shows for personal enjoyment. Plus to be seen by some of the wrestlers and promoters could/will help me get into the business of wrestling as well.

About myself: Well besides what I have pionted out above, and what you have come to yourself from this site, I like to think of myself as a slightly funny, slightly intelligent and really FUCKED. I am arrogrant to a piont, sexist, rude, crude, but I am also known for being genourous, honest, and geniuly a nice guy. I'm an enigma. But, I still am pretty easy to figure out. I happen to have a violence fetish. You know, whips, chains etc etc. I also like saying I alot. I must have some deep rooted self-esteem issue or something. Hmmm....maybe thats why I always want to be the dominant one in bed. I'm stuck in a job I hate but will forever do because theres not much out there for an highschool dropout.

I'll write some more in here eventually.