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::Whats get you off?::

SiCTwis (10:03:00 PM): Hey
SiCTwis (10:03:05 PM): You like wrestling huH?
sicNataS666 (10:03:15 PM): yeah
sicNataS666 (10:03:16 PM): y
SiCTwis (10:03:18 PM): sweating man grabbing at each other, is that what gets to u
SiCTwis (10:03:34 PM): right?
sicNataS666 (10:03:36 PM): WTF?
sicNataS666 (10:03:39 PM): ur nasty
sicNataS666 (10:03:41 PM): hell naw
SiCTwis (10:03:45 PM): YOu enjoy it don't u
sicNataS666 (10:03:46 PM): i do hardcore shit
SiCTwis (10:03:56 PM): and you said i was nasty!
SiCTwis (10:04:20 PM): So which do you prefer, being on top, or bottom?
sicNataS666 (10:04:36 PM): man ima fucking smack u?
SiCTwis (10:04:43 PM): no sorry, not into that
SiCTwis (10:04:59 PM): but if you want i can give you a few people who like that sorta thing
sicNataS666 (10:05:16 PM): NO
sicNataS666 (10:05:20 PM): ur fucking sick
sicNataS666 (10:05:24 PM): who are u?
SiCTwis (10:05:33 PM): I AM JEBUS!
sicNataS666 signed off at 10:05:37 PM.

::Preppy battle::

SiCTwis: so, your a prep huh?
HoTtStUfF143624: yeah yy
SiCTwis: what classifies you as a prep?
SiCTwis: the hair
SiCTwis: the cloths
SiCTwis: the horrid stench?
HoTtStUfF143624: everything
SiCTwis: ah i knew it
SiCTwis: the stench being the main one right?
HoTtStUfF143624: why does it matter to you?
SiCTwis: i just wanna know
SiCTwis: cuz if it the stench thing that makes people a "prep"
SiCTwis: man, there are alot of homeless "preps"
HoTtStUfF143624: it just means that you dress nice and NO it's not beeing stuck up
HoTtStUfF143624: whats wrong wit beein a prep?
SiCTwis: its just wrong
SiCTwis: stupid hair
HoTtStUfF143624: wutever i gotta go
HoTtStUfF143624: later
SiCTwis: damn expensive clothes
SiCTwis: and annoying frigging accents!
~"HoTtStUfF143624 has signed off"~

::I AM GOD!::

Ghettobabyboy4E (10:45:31 PM): so who ru
SiCTwis (10:45:44 PM): God
SiCTwis (10:45:56 PM): You should know alot about me
SiCTwis (10:46:11 PM): i created the damn world for petes sake!
Ghettobabyboy4E (10:46:38 PM): if i knew ur name maybe but i don't so u on my bad side
SiCTwis (10:47:04 PM): I have lots of names
SiCTwis (10:47:11 PM): but i mostly go by GOD
Ghettobabyboy4E (10:48:27 PM): interestin
Ghettobabyboy4E (10:48:32 PM): wats ur other name
SiCTwis (10:48:32 PM): yep
SiCTwis (10:48:42 PM): Budda
Ghettobabyboy4E (10:49:20 PM): another 1
SiCTwis (10:50:25 PM): Co**sucker by some
SiCTwis (10:50:31 PM): damn them jews
Ghettobabyboy4E (10:50:52 PM): and ur real name is
Ghettobabyboy4E (10:50:59 PM): u do got 1 right?
SiCTwis (10:51:10 PM): Hold on I'll check with my magic purple goose.
SiCTwis (10:51:45 PM): i am Arnold
Ghettobabyboy4E (10:51:53 PM): ight
Ghettobabyboy4E (10:52:03 PM): u a funny m/f no that
SiCTwis (10:52:19 PM): i try
SiCTwis (10:52:33 PM): but your even funnier
Ghettobabyboy4E (10:52:57 PM): who me? not right now im not laughin
SiCTwis (10:53:05 PM): you really want to laugh?
Ghettobabyboy4E (10:53:19 PM): yea i do
SiCTwis (10:53:20 PM): You can always go look in a mirror
~"Ghettobabyboy4E has signed off"~

::Juggalo party::

SiCTwis: Does anyone else smell bacon?
DeM0NiK iCe: Bacon? I Smell Pork
DeM0NiK iCe: Run Piggy Piggy, I Gotz A Fork
SiCTwis: So, did you enjoy being tied up by those cops and being forced to into several SiC acts?
DeM0NiK iCe: the first few times it wasn't bad, afterards it kinda sucked
SiCTwis: speaking of sucking
SiCTwis: hows your sis man?
DeM0NiK iCe: i don't know, last I heard she was on her way over to your place
DeM0NiK iCe: -gnaws on his elbow-
SiCTwis: oh yeah, she was gonna give me my money
DeM0NiK iCe: how much she make for you last week?
SiCTwis: quite a pretty penny
SiCTwis: hell, that's all anyone would pay
SiCTwis: just a penny
DeM0NiK iCe: really? she's been practicing with a marble and a straw latley
SiCTwis: ha ha!
DeM0NiK iCe: the golf ball and the hose was to easy I guess
SiCTwis: oh that brillant
DeM0NiK iCe: -shrugs- she keeps asking to try her new "talents out on me" you gotta make her understand she can't proposition her family...we aren't paying customers...you've got her thinking everyone is
SiCTwis: lmao