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DVD Screening Pictures!

An okay close-up.

A leetle more detail-- you can see the top of the snap tape that closes the dress. (I'm working on fixing that.) If you squint, you can see the tone-on-tone embroidery on the upper sleeve-- I still don't have a good picture of that. Hopefully I will sometime soon, since it's the part that took me the most time!

One two, Arwens here before you...

The Chase Dress twins, also known as the lovely Aya (on the right) and myself (on the left). We had quite a few pictures taken of us. :) Here, you can see my underskirt is just the wrong material (having run out of time, I used poly lining-- ugh), and it's too full. Suggestions are much appreciated. :)

A Washed-out Aragorn and Arwen

Here we are again. :)