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Caitlin's Arwen Chase Dress

Welcome to my Chase Dress page. My webpage skills are nonexistent, so these pages are very bare-bones, but hopefully they'll give you an idea of my dress. :) My Chase Dress is made of charcoal grey microsuede from, and is based on (of course) Simplicity 9891, very heavily modified. The only 9891 pieces I actually used were the bodice-- and I modified those pieces so the princess seams ended at the shoulders-- and the upper sleeves. The lower sleeves and skirts were all freehanded (and thus involved much trial and error *g*). There are actually two versions of the dress-- version 1.0, and version 1.1.

Version 1.0 was completed barely in time for Halloween, and it wasn't really *finished*-- the undersleeves weren't hemmed, only one sleeve was embroidered, and I had to safety-pin myself into it-- but it was done enough to wear.

Version 1.1 was completed for the special theater screening of the extended version of the FOTR DVD in New York City. This time, the sleeves were hemmed and embroidered, and it fastened properly down the front. :) I also redid the underskirt (the first one was too dark and not full enough) and replaced the light grey ribbon with black, to make the costume more accurate. In addition, the lovely Aya gave me gloves and a belt buckle, so I was all set. :)

I'm still not completely satisfied-- I want to rework the front closure, and I need to redo the underskirt again. The fabric's all wrong, and I think it's *too* full this time. I was hoping to have version 1.2 done by the TT premiere, but it probably won't happen. Ah well. :)

Now! On to the pictures!

Version 1.0, at a Halloween party.

Note the unhemmed undersleeves and underskirt. ;-)

Arwen and Aragorn

Myself as Arwen, and my wonderful boyfriend as Aragorn. This picture is a more accurate representation of the color of the dress.


This would be a really frelling cool picture if it were in focus. You'd be able to see the detailing on my collar as well as the Noble collection Evenstar that Wonderful Boyfriend gave to me last Christmas.

On to the DVD screening pictures!