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News From February 2003

Breaking news!"Mihas",who played bass/drums/vocals in our first demo(the one that is acctually at,has recently return after he joined the army and he is back in the band!Thats great news for the band to go on.The band is still searching for a drummer for possible lives and for a full line up!The bad news is that J.T. is now leaving to join the army at the end of may!So the band will be off for about a year!About the album,is currently at the final steps of mixing!

News From January 2003

The band has finished the recordings in esoteron studio in athens.The band is currently mixing the album wich is going to be send a promo cd in various labels and magazines.Stay tuned for more news!

News From October 2002

The band is starting the recordings for the new album theese days at "Esoteron Studios"(check it out at the links section!).We hope that everything will go ok...the album will be out propably on january/february 2003!For more news check back the site often...

News From September 2002

We proudly announce that "Oath of blasphemy productions" is going to re-release our demo called world's seperation in cassete in a limited edition(propably 50 or 100 pieces).Visit the site often and we will tell you to to get it if you are interested!

News From August 2002

We are currently looking forward to find a drummer and a bassist.If you are from Athens and interested,
click HERE!Also added some photos in the biography/members section.Check them out!

News From July 2002

Acctually we dont have any news,except rehearsing.Thats all...keep on coming to the website for news.

News From June 2002

Currently the band is rehearsing as more as it can for the forthcoming album.Yes,its gonna be an album with aprox.13 tracks and its gonna be recorded in athens at the end of this! you'll have to wait a couple of months!The new album will include the old songs rerecorded plus 6-7 new songs...some titles of the new songs are:speed of death and promises!The band currently rehearses with the only two members,J.T.(guitars) and Geegor(drums,guitars and some vocals/bass).The other members are not currently rehearsing for some reasons.Also there's a chance that we will write some songs in our own little home recording studio and they will be availiable through our site!Keep on watching it for updates!

News From May 2002

Good news!!! The guy we told you about in the "News From November 2001(11-11-2001)" session below, is interested in the drummer position and so he came in our last rehersals ,so we can say that we have a drummer for the momment.Things are going preety slow though.We cant say when the new cd is coming out due to slow progress.As we told you Mihas is in the army and the new drummer is working somewhere and study at the momment so its difficult for both of them to play with us.

News From April 2002

The news about the new demo are that it will propably be out on June/July.Also it will include the 4 first songs from the World's Seperation demo re-recorded.We still looking for a drummer,if you are interested give us a sign!!!


Latest news from March 2002

As you can see now our new webpage has moved to or because of some problems.Keep coming to this site for newz and contact,It will be updated as soon as we can,and soon it will be much better.

News From March 2002

Its a long time since the last update,as you see we keep the website as our main site and we will use this one only for newz pictures links bio and contact.In any case the newz are that we are currently working on our 2nd demo album wich is goin to be propably out on may/june.We are doing as much rehearsals as we can and we are still looking for a new drummer.Any people that want to be part of infernal wrath and are into thrash metal drumming and want to do a serious work can contact us.

News From November 2001(11-11-2001)

We are dissapointed to inform that our new drummer is out.Due to him playing in another band and for the reason he is in to many works.We wish him the best!(Abyssal studios will come true our friend!)


News From September-October 2001(02-10-2001)

Unfortunately our member Stefanos(Mihas) that played drums,bass,vocals in the recording is joining the army so it would be difficult for him to be with us in the rehearsals,but he is still one of our members.So for the upcoming rehersals and release a new drummer had to be found.This drummer is an old friend of us that we used to play sometimes together.We are scheduled to start our rehersals this week.


News From August 2001

At the end of august 2001 we recorded our first demo cd called WORLD'S SEPERATION.It was our first recording since 1999 that the band was formed.You can order the demo from our contact adress,email or mobile phone for 7 euros.