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Here you can find info about the band members, former and present.



J.T. In studio 2001

J.T.:Guitars Former member of Infernal Wrath since 1999, has wrote most of the songs we play.

Various photos of Geegor

Geegor:Guitars(in rehearsals also plays drums/vocals/bass) Former member since '99.Has wrote a couple of songs for the band.He and Jim are holding the band together theese days.

Dal:Former member of I.W.He used to play the drums during the first rehearsals in 1999/early 2000.He left the band for personal reasons.We are still together very good friends and some times he comes to the rehearsals to help us with the songs.


The old man with J.T.

"The old man":Former member of Wrath since the begining(the one on the left).He did some vocals at the beging but due to some problems with his voice he is writing now all the lyricis of I.W.A very good friend of us!He is a part of the soul of the band!




Unfortunately,as you know he has joined the army so he is doing whatever he can to catch the rehearsals.A very good friend also.Mihas rulez!!!He did a great job as he came in the band the last 3!!! months before the demo recording,and learned all the songs and instruments and played bass,drums and vocals!!!for it!He is a new member in the band(since june-july 2001) but he is doing a great job and plays a very importan role in the band!


Jim Simiakos:

Jim is a good friend of us and has played many times with us,but he didnt want to stay at the band.Still a great drummer,
he playes in a group here in Xanthi.

In this photo you can see all the band members from the begining until now.
Down:The old man,Geegor
Top:Mihas,Dal,Jim Simiakos