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Here are some links from bands/friends/labels we know.Enjoy!



Thy Primordial's site!Great band from Sweden featering extreme black metal!
Att forstrora och forgora!Greetings Mikael!


Needs no comments.Hail Ancient Rites from Belgium!
Hail to Gunther!!

Great band from Denmark.Death-melodic death metal.Check them out!Greetings to Rasmus and all the guyz.Also thanks to Malou for helping me finding them!

Very good band from Danmark.Greetings to Jeppe and Azalon.

Killing thrash metal band from Danmark!Theese guys are awesome!Check them out!



Cool n' crazy friends from Kavala,a town near Xanthi where we live!
Hailz to Savvas,Thanos and John!!!Also hailz to Defiler,Stelios and George,a band that hasnt got a webpage yet!

Awesome black metal from Athens/Hellas,check out this guyz!Greeting to Stefanos!

Another cool black metal band from Hellas.They are from Alexandroupoli,a town near Xanthi in northern Hellas where our band started!Greetings to Zion!


The esoteron studio web-page,this is the studio where we are recorded our first album!(Only in Greek though!).Greetings to Vaggelis(I dont wear boots anymore) and Panos(The sensitive guitarist)!!!

Great artist of our new logo.Check out his awesome work!!!

The new distro company of Geegor(and owner of this site).Check out the stuff(mostly black metal)and second hands.The
new album will be avaliable through this company.

Pakana distribution from Suomi Finland!Many great stuff here and also at good prices!
Excellent!Check it out now,or die!Tuomas you fucking rule!Malaka on jumala!Kiitos for everything so far!