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Theres no much to tell about the bands bio...

We are together since 1999,we tried and played different types of metal since then and finally we switched to thrash metal.The line up at the time was Jim,Geegor,Dal(drums),The old man(vocals).Later the old man left the band and now writes all the lyrics.We played for ourselfs at that time and only cause we wanted to try playing covers of other bands.Later (late 2000/early 2001)we took seriously the decision of the band and started rehearsing more and more for a demo.Unfortunately our drummer Dal left for some personal reasons 1 month before the recording!The place was taken by a person we didnt knew at that time very well, but with his great ability to play the drums the bass and the vocals made him a great friend and a current member of us and the band.So we recorded on august and on september the demo was out(World's Seperation).Now the band has only two members(Geegor and J.T.)and is working on their 2nd cd,a self-released album coming out at the end of 2002/begining 2003.

Thats all from us,for further questions, just email,call or send us a msg from icq in the contact session.

Infernal Wrath 2002