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This is my engine compartment in N/A form . I am getting things ready piece by piece so when I drop the completed motor in I can have it running properly. Although I will be still working on it, the car will be closer to the paint shop.

Above/lower is the complete engine that I bought before removal, it was inside a 1986 Merkur. I am taking parts from this engine and cleaning them up to add to the block shown below. As you can see from the comparison I have a lot more room in the 1993 LX than the 1986 Merkur had for this engine


Purchased as:

  • Engine: 1993 N/A 2.3L

  • Transmission: Stock Automatic w/Overdrive AL4D

  • Rear end: 7.5 w/ 3.73: 1

  • Exhaust: Stock header with 2.5 off road pipe and 2 chamber Flowmasters

  • Fuel system: Stock

  • Front suspension: Stock

  • Rear suspension: Stock

  • Chassis: Uni-body

  • Other: keyless entry, power locks, power windows, 35% tint, cruise, A/C, Stereo system

  • Race weight: 3180 lbs


Modified to: (Planned Purchases)

  • Engine: 1986 Turbocharged 2.3L 140 CID

  • Induction: T-3, Large NPR Intercooler, Cold Air Induction, K&N Air Filter

  • Transmission: World Class T-5  w/ shift kit , Pro 5.0 Short throw shifter

  • Rear end: 7.5 w/ 3.73:1 Full Positive traction

  • Exhaust: 3 inch down pipe, SVO Y, Dual 440 Dual Chamber Flows

  • Fuel system: Thinking

  • Front suspension: Thinking

  • Rear suspension: Thinking

  • Chassis: Sub frame connectors, torque boxes, Upper and lower Control arms, 5.0 Anti sway bars front and rear.

  • Other: keyless entry, power locks, power windows, 45% tint, cruise, A/C, Stereo system, gauge pod custom, fan gauge pod, custom console

  • Race weight: 3180 lbs

Performance: (Bone STOCK)

Top left picture is the block is sitting in the trunk of a 1986 Merkur that I pulled another engine from. Top right picture was when I got it home and mounted it for me to begin the work of making this into a modified 1986 SVO motor. Bottom left is a close-up of the Speed-Pro piston that was in the block after a rebuild. Bottom right is a preview of the pullys and gears that I have painted to go on the block that I am painting black.

These are all self explanitory pictures that show the color of the long block before and after the first coat of paint. I used one can of the black to get to this point. The oil pan still has bare spots on the bottom though. I plan to get more paint soon to have about three good coats on it before I move on to paint the head cover further.

Here is a picture of the header and the pulley's mounted. I am not going to paint the header but have to remove all pulley's to set the timing now.

I cleaned up the T3 .60/.60, I am confident that it is in good working order and will not need more done to it to run. I have also cleaned up the intakes and mounted them. Thanks to Drew I set the timing as much as I can to this point and am waiting on some bolts from Bob to go on to the next step..

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