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Shadow Journal

1 / 27/ 02 The team was out for blood as they cruised the dock side wearhouse district of Seattle. The team's mission was vengance and rescue after a sound defeat at the hands of some vatican knights and a tratorouse band of vampires.

Previously, our team had decided out of the kindness of their hearts to defend a metahuman rights group againsts the murderouse intent of a chapter of the Order of St. Sylvester Vatican Knights. However, as the assault on the appartment complex where the team and the rights group was drawing to a climax the metahuman rights group turned trator at absolutly the last moment when they revealed themselves to be a murderous band of Vampires. The vampires, trying to get a quick boost of strength to fight there way out, assaulted and drained the blood and life essance of Corbin and made good their escape. It was too late to surrender or reason with the knights who had escalated there assault in responce to the teams heavy fire power. Things went from bad to worse as the group tried to shoot their way out and came face to face with the main assault force of Knights.

Shots were fired, grenades were thrown, and the familiar concussive bursts of Qaz's Panther cannon and Raynors burst fire shot gun destroyed the already weekend suport structure of the building. The run culminated in the colapse of the structure with all but Rancor inside.

The team managed to escape with no permanent injury and were able to recover quickly with some fairly expensive magical healing. The hunt was then on to destroy the vampires and to find Corbin who had gone missing after the colapse and was probably infected with the Human-Metahuman Vampiric Virus.

After some messing around, the Skull Wagon leveling a building and a vigourouse interrogation of a dismembered corpse from which a lot of valueble info came from, the team settled on the location of the groups headquarters.

Soon after, a silent and clean run was completely ruined by Mic now going by the name of Rad or "The Shadowrunner Irritatingly Refered to by His Former Name Becasue His New Name is Even Worse". He forgot to equip his gun with a silencer and decided to shoot first. What resulted however was a run in which every one was a bit more relaxed. For whatever reason the group is more smooth functioning when there are a few hundred bullets flying around at about chest to eyeball level.

Needless to say Corbin was found and after he initially frappayed a doctor and a couple of nurses who were responsible for keeping him sedated. Raynor showed that he had nerves of steel by holding his ground in front of his mind-warped friend and carting him to saftey even though he was shot twice in the process. The team took on and killed the ring leader of the vampire group despite my best efforts to save him and make him into an arch rival. I think the group also blew up the building for good measure and out of habit. Although I cannot remember and am just playing the odds on that one.

So far no new date for any shadowrunning has been set. However a fresh adventure will begin, and with it, will come the smell of ozone, the haze of gun powder, and power outages throughout the greater metro area as the team tries to accomplish some simple task in a contained area that gets out of hand.

5/14/02 At last the troops were assembled. The smell of fresh gun oil was in the air and a sence of heady expectation permiated through the group. It had been quite a while since our last shadowrun and I had certainly left the Zonestar Appreciation Society hurting. There was a need to earn back what was lost and finally an opportunity had arisen.

As usual every one was partying (weather they could afford it or not) at Leo's mansion. Livin it up and dancing the night away with the ladies (or male trolls which ever the case may be) in true imminant apocolyptic style. For the time being Corbins hunger for sentient flesh had not grown worse enough to be a problem so every thing was fine. While the party was going on a power unknown to the group until now, made its presence known by hurling a space born message pod into Leo's pool. This pretty much ended the party in everyone's eyes except of course Leo's, who partys as if there are a hundred people in the room reguardless of wheather any one is present or not.

After determining that the pod was not an unexploded bomb, which the overly suspicious players wouldn't put past their saintly game master, a message was revealed. This message was an invite by the great dragon Malefestro for a private audience about a job. A job of unknown epic proportions.

So in true Zonestar appreciation style, they fueled up the Supra and the Skullwagon for an overland trip across three hostile countries carying more ordinance per capita than any military in the world. They could have just taken a plane but who am I to suggest courses of action. Anyway they leave and arrive sometime later, miraculously with out a shot being fired, at the corporate headquarters of the Wyrmtech corporation in Minneapolis Minnesota inside the United Canada American States. Only after passing through the Sioux nation that knew exactly what kind of ordinance the Z.A.S. was carrying on a promise that they would not rais hell in the Sioux Nation only the UCAS. They did niether.

The group met with Malefestro and he charged them with a mission. The mission was to steal the Ever Living Flower from the vaults of the executors of the great dragon Dunkelezahn's will. In exchange for this service Malefestro agreed to grant one wish within reason to each party member. He also warned that the Ever Living Flower is one of the most powerful magical artifacts ever created. And that the possibilty existed to arrouse the fury of enemies whos power they could not possibly imagine. Their reaction to this was the typical laughter accompanied by chest beating and the Zonestar family anthem, more swagering and laughter. Mercifully Malefestro also alloud them air passage back to Seattle and to Washington D.C. with all their equipment so as to save hours of roleplaying time plus the lives of half the rural residence and wildlife of North America.

So it was on. A raid of the Dunkelzahn Institute, a building with a three teired defencive system located in the middle of the capital of one of the most powerful countries in the world. Things went smoothly as they always do in the beginning. Much like James Bond's ability to sneak into anywhere coupled with an inabiltiy to sneak out quietly from anywhere. The runners used the typical plan by entering the service entrance dressed as Janitors. A technique that is always good for getting your foot in the door but little else. Next Kent Zonestar himself having just read the will of Dunkelzahn only five minutes earlier got the idea that if he could convice the Institute that he had indead met J.F.K. they would grant him any wish he wanted. So Kent called up his decker budies for a bit of espionage into editing a picture and a history that would make his story credible. The deckers came back with all that was requested and Kent, complete in his pink suit (The classy pink suit not the ugly one), went up to the counter for claims at the institute and requested his wish.

After a few minutes of confirmation, the institute reperesentative came back and asked if Kent could have anything in the world, anything at all, what would he wish for? Kent, showing uncommon wisdom for a Zonestar, asked for a tour of the facility. The institute representative not being a Zonestar, could not appreciate the intelligence in this decision but reluctantly agreed. Meanwhile this entire time, Spyda had been standing around in his Stealth Suit along with Rad under a spell of invisibility. Under the condidtions of the complete tour the Kent is led into the main vault where the Ever Living Flower is being kept. The tour moved on but Spida and Rad stayed behind locking them selves in the vault.

That night, needless to say, all hell broke loose as the group faught its way from the outside to get to the vault as Spyda and Rad avoided suffication by trying to open the vault from the inside. The group was successful, barely and escaped with the Everliving Flower allong with mysterious banner, a dagger, and a really pissed off great form-fire elemental on their tail. Kaina, the newest member of the group and the one with the most presence of mind, drove through the police and army barricades using the Skull Wagon and rescued the group as it was leaving the building in true Road Warrior meets Elvis style.

Rancor was dominating the skies, clearing it of all police and news station helicopters when he was quickly overwhelmed by airforce jets. As a last ditch effort, before bailing out, Rancor further destracted the military from the group by flying into the washington monument, knocking it over. This definitly is the most imfamouse act instigated by the Zonestar Appreciation Society but wait five minutes I am sure they will top it soon.

This is where the group was left in ending the run. They are in fine fighting form but have allerted themselves to jsut about every single faction wanting to get their hands on the Ever Living Flower. These enemies include The UCAS, the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research, and among others that will make their presence known soon, one very angry forest fire waiting to happen, the fire elemental mentioned earlier. So I hope the group told the neighbors to take in the mail and walk the dogs, I hope they have payed their rent in advance, and I hope they have put all their affairs in order becasue it doesnt look like they are going to be home any time soon.

Until next time.

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